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Hey, I'm Heather, owner of Lucky Fig Design.

Born in bonnie Scotland, but now living in the beautiful South of France, I offer brand design and illustration services to small business owners around the world.

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Working with me

I believe good design and powerful storytelling brings a  brand’s personality to life. From the initial brand discovery stage to project completion the whole process is rooted in your brand story and goals.


My approach combines this research with beautiful, playful design to provide a truly unique visual identity that stands out from the crowd and will grow with you for years to come. 

Core values

Collaboration. Amazing results aren't achieved alone.

Trust. Discover the things beautiful that happen when client and designer fully trust and value each other.

Playfulness. I encourage exploring the playful side of design, having a little fun and standing out.

Solution Focussed. Beautiful design solutions rooted in research and brand values.

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